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About The Ribbon Diva

WELCOME to THE RIBBON DIVA.COM! We are a team of talented and dedicated people who love the design, manufacturing, and marketing of ribbons, bows, wreaths and other seasonal decorative and party products..

Together we have over sixty years in the ribbon and decorative textiles industries. There is not a whole lot we do not know about our products or our customers. We have won awards for our designs and have been featured on national television, as well as in many trade journals and public news periodicals.

Our designing is done by one of the best-known and most well-respected designers around; most of our manufacturing is done in-house by one of the industry's leading manufacturing resources, and our marketing people have been around our industry for years and really know their stuff! The combination of these resources allows us to offer you the latest in classic and cutting-edge product styling and quality. We are totally committed to the satisfaction of our customers.

We always have and will continue to welcome your feedback, ideas, and inquiries on our products, and we particularly love to hear from people who have an idea for a product they might not have seen on our site. Who knows, but you just might inspire the next new hot collection of ribbon products! Just email us via our Contact Us link. We will personally acknowledge your comments.

We continually update and add to our product offering. You can be confident that you will find familiar basics as well as exciting new offerings on our site. We hope that your experience in our online store is an excellent one and that you will recommend us to your family and friends. And of course, we sincerely hope that you will return to us again and again, whenever you have a need for the best ribbon and related products for all your holiday and party decorating needs.

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